After 100 Different Foster Homes, She FINALLY Found A Mom Who Encouraged Her To Follow Her Dreams. WHOA! Turn Your Speakers Up!!


Oh boy… Kleenex alert! 15-year-old Veanka Howard’s story truly broke my heart. I’m SO glad it has a happy ending!

By the time she was 10, Veanka had already lived in over 100 foster homes. As soon as she thought she was settled, she would be told she had to leave. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would do to a young child’s self image. Lucky for her, she finally found a home where they wanted her to be exactly who she was. Her new mother gave her singing lessons and encouraged her to sing as a way to deal with all of the hurt she had been exposed to in her life.

I think Veanka chose the perfect song to sing! Just listen to the lyrics and watch the emotion she sings it with… What a powerful combination! Please SHARE this young woman and her talent with all of your Facebook friends!

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