This Tree Is SO Huge It Took 126 Photos To Capture It All… WOW!!!


NGS Picture ID:1507300


It took a team of dedicated National Geographic photographers 126 photographs and 32 days to finish the giant image above, but capturing the photos during a snowstorm was the biggest challenge of all.

3-19-2014 12-51-48 PM

 Source: YouTube

Photographers, working with park scientists, risked their lives to be the first to capture the mammoth sequoia, which many people believe to be the largest tree on the planet (when considering height and width).

3-19-2014 12-53-01 PM Source: YouTube

To put this gigantic tree into perspective, here it is explained in numbers:

3-19-2014 12-52-14 PM

 Source: YouTube

Giant sequoia trees only exist in one small area of the world — 5,000-8,000 feet above sea level on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas.

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Source: YouTube

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Source: YouTube

Over the course of 3,200+ years, The President has weathered hundreds of storms and seen many, many generations come and go. Today we are fortunate enough to see the magnificent tree in all it’s glory.  Check out the footage of how the photographers captured this beast and then please go ahead and SHARE this with all of your friends!

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