A Tiny Piglet Walks Up To A ‘Vicious’ Rescue Pit Bull And Does THIS! Wow.


Meet Pigalina, an orphaned baby pig with a bold personality. Pigalina is totally fearless, as proven by her actions when she walks right up to an enormous pit bull and POUNCES!

Trust me, you won’t believe how the pittie reacts…

Pigalina has become fascinated with Levi, and shows zero fear when it comes to getting right up in his face and snuggling in. The playful interactions were captured by owner Melissa Susko at her PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia.

After being rejected by her litter, Pigalina will now live among the other animals on Melissa’s farm. I have a feeling Pigalina will be taken care of quite nicely… she has a bodyguard for life :)

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