This Is What 66 Years Of Love Sounds Like. I Can’t Handle My Emotions Watching These Two Lovebirds!!!


Something about this video completely sideswiped my emotions… I am blown away by this LOVE!

The thought of this adorably sweet couple losing one another after 66 years of marriage is absolutely devastating.  Maybe it’s the song choice. “Please don’t take my sunshine away”… Are you kidding me?! Holy heartstrings, this is really hard to watch at first, but I’m honestly SO happy I did watch this video.  This is what true love looks / sounds like, people! I know I’m not stopping until I find it for myself… if everyone was so lucky, the world would be such a greater place. God bless these two lovers and their amazing example!  If this video completely touched your heart, please go ahead and SHARE this sweet song with others.

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