This Guy Didn’t Have To Say A WORD To Pick Up These Ladies. He Makes Us Look SO Bad!


Ladies!!! What were you thinking?! Although I’m not denying I would say no to a ride in a hot car, this is just pathetic. I want to hate the guy, but I just can’t do it… he definitely made his point!

In this video, a guy picks up women on the street in his white hot Lamborghini. He didn’t even have to ask for directions, compliment them or ASK if they wanted a lift anywhere, he just signals them to hop in! This is pretty elaborate prank, but the joke ends up being on these women. Even though it happened on a busy road in broad daylight, you ALWAYS have to be careful. Especially when it seems too good to be true.

Would you hop in or let this hot rod keep rolling on to the next gullible gal?! Please SHARE this video if you thought this was ridiculous!

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