This Gorilla Mourns The Loss Of Her Friend Like A Human! I Am In Tears!


Koko is one of the world’s most famous gorillas. She can follow simple conversation, and was even taught sign language in an attempt to understand just how human-like these big apes really are. Because she was never able to have a baby of her own, Koko fell in love with kittens, and one cat in particular that she called “All Ball.” (because she looked like a little ball when she was curled up!) One day, All Ball was killed by a car, and Koko’s teacher had to tell her the news.

The way Koko reacts in this video is almost exactly the way a human would react – it’s both amazing and heartbreaking to watch! This just goes to show that even though animals can’t communicate the way we do, they feel emotions and love in exactly the same way!

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