This Eye-Opening Foster Care Story Has Me In Tears, But Its Message Will Change Lives!


This groundbreaking short film, titled ReMoved by Nathaniel Matanick, sheds light on the foster care system in the U.S. and I warn you: it’s completely heartbreaking at times, but it is worth the time to watch.

At just over 12 minutes long, I thought I’d only last a minute or so, but I was strangely captivated by the little girl’s story and had to find out what happens to her. It’s a tough situation: children put into foster care are often understandably angry, depressed and/or have behavior problems. However, many foster parents are also not suitable caretakers for one reason or another and it often doesn’t work out.  This story does have a glimpse of hope at the end, but it’s the girl’s heartbreaking journey that taught me about this often unexposed culture.  This powerful film could potentially help many, many children by inspiring capable, responsible adults to become foster parents. If you think this is a cause worth helping, please go ahead and SHARE this video.

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