This Dog Is Dying Of Cancer. To Say Goodbye, Her Family Does Something Every Day That Will Bring You To Tears.


The second I started watching this, I was brought to tears. What an incredible story, incredible family and most of all, incredible dog.

Marsha, an American Bull Dog mix, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Her mom Judy immediately fell in love with her after the two met at the Humane Society in Colorado, where Marsha was battered and broken from a life of neglect and abuse. Judy knew something was special about Marsha, and she quickly adopted her into her forever family. The same day Marsha was adopted was the same day her new family learned of her cancer — and they brought her home anyway.

To prepare for their final goodbye, Marsha’s parents have created the ultimate canine bucket list for her, which includes camping, fishing, hiking, playing in fields and making sure each and every day Marsha has left is lived to the absolute fullest. “We’re giving her one fun day after another.” By the end of this video, I almost couldn’t handle all the love.

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