This Adorable Puppy Took A Leap Of Faith And Reminded Me Why Taking Risks Is SO Rewarding!


Watching a puppy grow can reveal some of the most rewarding and truly inspiring parts of being a pet parent.

Pierre, the unbelievably squishy and adorable French bulldog, is still learning his away around his new home.  He reminds us that life can be scary… every day we must try and discover new things about the world and ourselves.  Poor little Pierre is at first terrified to take the big leap from the couch to the floor, but the moment he does, he realizes what his new life is ALL about.  It’s kind of inspiring, isn’t it? If this teeny pup can try something that scares him, what’s my excuse?! If this little cutie pie made you feel empowered, please go ahead and SHARE this video on your Facebook page for all to see!

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