I’m BLOWN AWAY By What This Ape Was Caught Doing! This Is BRILLIANT! WOW!


Camp Leakey is a special place in the Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Borneo where humans and Orangutans live together. Even though the apes are considered wild, they have lived among humans for years, and have picked up several amazing traits.

In this short clip, you can see a female Orangutan washing clothes, and even using tools, in ways that so closely resemble human mannerisms that you almost forget you’re looking at an ape. The craziest part is that this animal was never taught how to do any of these things – she simply observed, and then copied.

Watching a video like this makes you realize just how smart and empathetic these animals are – they’re so much like us, and their habitat should be respected! Everything we can do to save and nurture them, we should do!

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