These 25 Photos Prove Why Babies Should Grow Up With Pets!!! #18 Is My Absolute Favorite!!!


Many people think of their pets as their children. Then there are those people who would never get a pet, because they want to 100% focus on their kids. This post will prove to you that babies and pets can not only live together in harmony, but actually make life better for everyone in the family. Here are 27 adorable photos that prove why raising your child with a pet in the house is one of the best gifts you can give them.

1. Babies and puppies go together perfectly… they’re two tiny peas in a pod.
2. Many times, they’re the only two in the house that understand each other.
3. They’re both full of surprises!

4. Pets make the best partners in crime.
partner in crime
5. And your child will always have a friend to play with.


6. …No matter what they get themselves into.

play 1

7. Pets teach kids about responsibility!

play 2

8. And help toughen them up for future hardships in life :)

grow up (2)

9. They provide constant entertainment!


10. They also make the best babysitters!

baby sitter

11. They love all the same shows!


12. Pets can be WAY more patient than parents…

put up with

13.  And sometimes they’re the only people in the house that understand each other.


14. It’s ok to be silly together!


15.  They cheer each other up when they’re feeling blue.

grow up

16. And provide the very best hugs.

need hug

17.  They teach babies about love.


18. They are forever guardians who only want love in return.


19. They’ll always have your kid’s back.


20. They are the perfect size for snuggling.

snugg 2

21. Cuddle buddies!

snuggle (2)

22. The sweet moments provide the very best memories.


23. It’s also pretty wonderful to see all your babies grow up together.

grow up together

24. This right here says it all :)

grow uppp

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