The 15 Greatest Animal Romances


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1. This pit bull had a long-standing rep as the tough guy on the block. But when this bunny came along, she outed him as the big mush he really is.


2. At first, they couldn’t stand each other. But it wasn’t long before this cat fell for this rabbit’s quiet nature, gentle spirit, and exceptionally soft face.


3. Everyone told these kittens they were too young to know what love is. But they refused to let the naysayers stand in their way.  




4. This young lab always had eyes for the barnyard foal. To this day, she swears the secret to winning his affection was playing hard to get.


5. Convinced that all men were swine, this dog surprised herself when she fell for the family guinea pig.


6. This chimp was terrified to meet this cub’s parents—mainly because he worried they might try to eat him. But instead, they welcomed him into the family with open paws.




7. These cats met at a local shelter, and they instantly knew they wanted to spend the rest of their nine lives together.



8. These two are constantly biting each other’s heads off, but they’re never able to stay mad for very long.



9. This tabby and dolphin didn’t think things could ever work—after all, they were from two different worlds. But they ended up bonding over their love of fish and shared intrigue with mirrors.




10. Initially, this Pug thought his feline admirer was coming on too strong. Now, they’re inseparable.




11. When these two first got together, nobody understood their love. But now, people say they’re like an old married couple.




12. This burning love started as a mutual attraction when these two spotted each other across the backyard—she thought he was quite the fox, and he found her to be the cat’s meow.



13. It took this timid feline months to work up the courage to approach the wet-nosed apple of his eye.


14. This tomcat wasn’t looking for anything serious, but this duckling’s persistence and fuzzy disposition eventually made him reconsider.


15. When this dog first tried to woo this alley cat, she wasn’t interested. But she ended up falling head over paws for him, and she never looked back.


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