This War Vet Was SO Traumatized He Could Barely Function – Until A Dog Saved His Life! Incredible!


When Iraq War Veteran, Sergeant Allen Hill returned home, his doctor diagnosed him the most extreme case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that he had ever seen.

Sirens, car horns and other startling noises can throw Sergeant Hill into a complete PTSD episode and transport him back to the battlefield, so he teamed up with the amazing organization “Puppies Behind Bars” to get a service dog. The puppies are trained by prisoners to be service dogs to help people like Hill, so it’s an amazing benefit for both parties.

To say Hill’s service dog Frankie is man’s best friend is a complete understatement. Frankie is able to sense when a PTSD attack is about to happen and comforts Hill to bring him back to reality. Hill says his loyal companion is helping him to get back to his old self again – and you can already see the improvements in his life.

Before having Frankie in his life, Hill isolated himself and was afraid to leave the house. Now, Hill and his family have a new home, new family member, and a new Dad. This is why EVERY military hero with PTSD should have a service dog.

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