Heather Dorniden Proves To The World That You Should Never, Ever Give Up


This video is from 2008 and is one of the greatest examples of human spirit that we have ever seen.

There was about 200 meters of the race to go when Dorniden tripped, landing hard on her face at the Big 10 Indoor Track Championship. Worst part? Heather went down hard.

As she fell, bystanders begin lamenting that it’s all over. They gave up on her right away.

Heather, however, was not done. Watch as the collegiate runner got back up and did something that made this video go super viral last year. We had to share it with you again because we feel the human spirit is uncrushable. (For more inspiring women like Heather Dorniden, check out how one amazing mom is giving her daughter’s dolls a much-needed makeover.)

Let’s let Heather Dorniden be a lesson to all of us. It doesn’t matter how far back life may knock you, KEEP GOING. As long as you have the will-power and determination to win, nothing will ever stop you from achieving your dreams.

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