She Laid Down Next To A Cheetah. What Happened Next Is AMAZING.


The Cheetah Experience is a wildlife center in South Africa that is dedicated to the care and controlled breeding of cheetahs, since these cats are endangered in the wild. Their aim is help release more of these cats back into the wild, where they will be monitored from afar to make sure that they stay safe and continue to breed in their natural habitat.

In this video, a volunteer has a truly special interaction with one of the rescued cheetahs in the center. It’s amazing, but she’s able to lie down next to the cat, give him a good scratch, and even kiss him! If you turn your speakers up, you can hear the cheetah purring just like a house cat!

These animals are wild, and should be able to live their lives in the wild, but for those who have been rescued and need constant monitoring, a habitat like the Cheetah Experience is the perfect place to live, especially when they get so much love!

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