She Was Told She Would NEVER Get Pregnant, Then The Most AMAZING Thing Happened!


When Ryan Dean found out that he and his wife were FINALLY pregnant, he knew he had to come up with an epic way to reveal the great news to his parents, who had been their biggest cheerleaders through their struggle.

For Dean’s mom’s birthday, the family gathered and he recorded himself giving her a sweet birthday gift that says “Every Day Holds The Possibility Of A Miracle”. Dean’s mother loved the gift, but she had no idea that there was so much more to that special quote than meets the eye…

For the past three years, Dean and his wife had been trying everything they could to get pregnant to no avail. They had almost given up on trying, when that miracle happened. He knew his parents needed to be the first to find out.

Dean wrote on Facebook that he hopes this video brings a smile to peoples’ faces and that it gives hope to those who are trying to start a family.

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