Just Touching This Puppy Mill Dog Made Her Freeze Up In Fear, But Wait Until You See What Happens!


The kind people at the ASPCA rescued Tyra from a Puppy Mill in Kentucky. She spent the majority of her life living in a jail cell, used only for production of puppies, and nothing else. She has never known love, or tender touch from a loving human. Her transformation into a loving dog is an incredible sight to watch. If you’re a dog lover, you will surely understand the plight of Tyra.

Here is what the video description had to say: In the days after the ASPCA rescued Tyra from a Kentucky puppy mill, she was afraid of everything. When our behavior team touched the tiny Papillon during an evaluation, she shut down, paralyzed with fear. One glimpse of a child-size doll sent her reeling in terror. She was even too scared to eat.

After a few months of treatment, the behavior team evaluated Tyra again. The results were thrilling, and we caught it on tape.

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