30 Girls Making UGLY Faces. I’ve Never Laughed So Hard! #22 And #30 KILL ME!


U-G-L-Y these hideous chicks actually do have an alibi… and it’s a RIDICULOUS one!!!

The internet is full of confusing trends, but a new page on the internet community site Reddit has me asking all kinds of questions. The page, titled “Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces” encourages women to upload photos of themselves looking normal and then making the ugliest face they can come up with. I have to admit, as weird as this trend is, it’s absolutely hysterical!

These women were tired of trying to be “pretty” or look “hot” all the time, so they wanted to let the world know they can be funny, too! Admit it… you have at least one go-to “ugly face” in your back pocket, so why not share that hidden look with the world?!

Below are some of my absolute favorite favorite ugly mugs on the internet. Which one is your favorite?

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