AWW! This Bird Is Trying SO Hard To Befriend A Kitten! So Adorable!


It’s 2014, our world has changed for the better over the past century and for the most part, people tend to look past other’s differences. So a cat and a parrot should be able to get along, too – right?! Apparently befriending a cute kitten takes some warming up to do! In this adorable video, the beautiful parrot just wants to befriend the cutie kitten, who isn’t exactly sold on the stranger.

This video made me smile, but I want SO badly for the cutie kitten to warm up to the parrot. I love how the parrot isn’t afraid of the kitten at all and he looks at him kind of like “what is wrong with you, play with me!”. Nothing is cuter than this! The kitten has to check out the parrot all around before deciding that this relationship just isn’t going to happen, but the parrot keeps trying! By the end of the video, it seems like the kitten has given up. He realizes he’s going to have to live with him whether he likes it or not!

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