Dessert In Space Isn't All That Bad, But Eating It Can Prove To Be Difficult
Ah, space: the final frontier. While the furthest reaches of the universe are still are...
Homeless Man Goes Viral For His Impressive Piano Skills
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. A homeless man living in...
Man Donates $750 Race Winnings To Women In Need Of Mammograms
A Lexington man knows first hand how scary breast cancer can be — and therefore knows...
This Tiny House Nestled In Wine Country Is A Stunningly Peaceful Retreat
When the holidays roll around, some people dream of escaping all the hustle and bustle...
Donny Osmond Sings Amazing Version Of 'Any Dream Will Do'
The story of Joseph's coat of many colors has always been a favorite for anyone...
Hilarious Beagle Steals David Letterman's Heart With ''Stupid Pet Trick''
There's nothing I love more than a dramatic dog videos, but this one takes the...
Dolly Parton Gets Ready To Tell Her Whole Life Story
When Dolly Parton was only a small child, she dreamed of becoming a huge star...
Thankful Anonymous Citizen Pays For Groceries When Firefighters Respond To Emergency
There are a variety of ways we citizens can thank our hard-working firefighters and police officers....
Stroll Down Memory Lane With These Christmas Crazes From The Past
It seems like every year there's a new craze over what you have to get your...
Famous Toronto Clown Named 'Doo Doo' Saves 2 Women From Attacker
A famous Toronto clown is being called a hero after some quick-thinking that led to...
Soldier Donates His Heart To A Woman In Need
Army Ranger Ben Kopp was not your normal 21-year-old. He had always tried his best...
Young Coyote And Bobcat Kitten Are So Close, They're Practically Sisters!
Macey the Coyote and Prescilla the Bobcat are here to teach us one thing. No...
This Cat Is The Best Fisherman Out On The Water Today
Most cats can't stand water. If you take them anywhere near your bathtub or shower,...
Two Heroes Bring Baby Back To Life — Not Once, But Twice
Brittany Lockwood lost control of her car on Highway 198 in Visalia, CA. The vehicle...
Brave Firefighters Save Two Cats By Quickly Performing CPR
Firefighters, rescue workers, and the police are all absolute heroes for the work they do...
Mom Who Ran A Red Light Is Grateful To The Officer Who Pulled Her Over
Texas mom Nicole Dean learned this week that sometimes, a minor inconvenience can turn out...
Brave Teenage Girl Helps Police Nab A Home Intruder
A teenage girl in Massachusetts is being hailed this week for her bravery after encountering...
Bullied Teen Boy Uses Selfie Stick To Create A Powerful PSA
Millions of kids are bullied every single day. Ryan Wiggins is one of them. The...
A Dog And Donkey Play Together In A Giant Open Field
Yes, dogs are man's best friend. They'll (usually) obey you when you give them a...
Wheelchair-Bound Groom Stuns Bride When He Stands For Wedding Dance
There's this wonderful saying that goes: love can heal all. Most of us don't take...
Get Bouncy, Heatless Curls In Record Time With This Brilliant Tutorial
Every time I get dressed up to go out, I face a conundrum that’s probably...
World's Cutest Piggy Bank Makes It Fun To Save Money
When I think of piggy banks, an iconic pink porcelain pig with a coin slot...
These Nine Oldest Known Objects In The World Will Stun You
Archaeologists, researchers, and historians are just a few of my personal heroes. Without them, we would...
Incredible Vintage Performance Of 'Turkey Lurkey Time'
When the hit Broadway musical Promises, Promises was being written, the turbulent 1960s were hitting...
Mom Gets Emotional With Touching Speech At Son's Wedding
There wasn’t a dry eye watching when Lizzie and Moe of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and...
Brothers Celebrate 20 Years Since They First Reunited On Thanksgiving
Lee was 10 years old and Jerry a mere 6 months when they were put...
Affectionate Pit Bull Still Loves People Despite His Tragic Past
Dogs are truly some of the world’s most remarkable creatures. Their unending capacity for love...
At One Thanksgiving Feast, Turkeys Are The Guests Of Honor
Say what you will about being vegan, the turkeys in this video are about to...
Artists Create Stunning Sculptures Using Nothing But Snow
There are some out there who have the most extraordinary of talents. Some, like the...
Hundreds Wake Up Before Sunrise For Hot Meals And Free Turkeys
When expensive rents made it nearly impossible for food pantries to operate in the boroughs...
McDonald's Workers Give 93-Year-Old Widower The Surprise Of A Lifetime
Generosity and kindness can have a huge impact on the lives of others. There seem to...
Sheriff's Deputy Saves Unresponsive 7-Month-Old Baby With Roadside CPR
A Los Angeles County mom is lucky to be holding her 7-month-old son, thanks to...
Mechanic Surprises Hard-Working Custodian With Free Car
Robert Bean Ford, a custodian from Utah, had a two-hour commute every single day to...
Kevin Skinner Stuns Piers Morgan In This Classic AGT Clip
It can be really scary to make yourself vulnerable in front of huge crowds, especially...
This Shop Sells The Most Bizarre Doughnuts You've Ever Seen
What food isn't better fried? Any food can definitely be kicked up a notch when thrown...
Newlyweds Plan A Stunning Dance Surprise For Their Reception
When John Palmer got engaged to the love of his life, he had very definite...
You Wouldn't Leave A Child On The Streets, So Why Is It All Right To Leave Dogs?
Everyone's heard about the importance of adopting over shopping when it comes to adding a...
A Marine Is Reunited With The Soldier Brother Who Saved His Life
When United States Marine Corps veteran, Matt Foster, returned home from a tour in Afghanistan, he was...
Lion Cubs Make Their Adorable Debut At The Denver Zoo
Two lion cubs made their first public appearance in the Denver Zoo on Monday and they...
Soldier Surprises Parents In Adorable Way On Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude for all the positive in your life. It's...
She Transformed An Ugly Coffee Table Into A Beautiful Conversation Piece
My favorite DIYs are the ones that are the most innovative or creative, using materials...
Acro Yoga Is The Most Beautifully Impressive Sport You Didn't Know About
Yoga's become something of a mainstream activity for people of any age. It's great for...
Adele Sings 'Hello' With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots With Children's Toys
A few weeks ago, Adele surprised everyone with a brand new song, "Hello," and everyone...
Radio City Spectacular Performs Amazing Christmas Celebration
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is well known for their amazing production levels and huge...
Watch This Airwoman Surprise Her Son In Front Of The Entire School!
Air Force Master Sgt. Heather Michaud knew she would be coming home to her 6-year-old...
Richmond Hill 'Baby Jesus' Discovered In The Nativity
With the holidays approaching, most churches have already begun to set up their nativity scenes....
This A Cappella Cover Of Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor
The Binghamton Crosbys are an a cappella group founded in 1982 at Binghamton University. The...
To All Those Worried About Aging, Remember These 7 Golden Rules
One of the most daunting things that humans have faced for centuries is their own...
Nurses Give A Wonderful Thanksgiving Surprise To A Mother Who Lost Her Child
Nurses Andrea and LuAnn decided to do something for a patient they had over 20...
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