Prisoners Tell Their Stories To Prevent People Drinking And Driving
In 2010, a 26-year-old driver named Kris Caudilla crashed into a deputy, killing him. He...
6 minutes ago
After 6 Decades, An Adopted Man Reunites With His Birth Family
"It's the most amazing story. It’s the stuff that only happens on television or in...
31 minutes ago
59-Year-Old Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant With Twins
Claudette Cook wanted children with her husband of nine years for a long time. Being...
Officer Uses A Fake Traffic Stop To Propose To His Girlfriend
When firefighter and paramedic Sarah Stewart was pulled over by a South Dakota police officer,...
Dad Builds His Two Little Tikes A Tire Seesaw!
All you crafty moms and dads out there are going to love this one. There...
A Silly Bird Leaves Nothing Standing In Her Wake Of Destruction
When I was little, one of my favorite things to play with were primary-colored cardboard...
Model Olivia Campbell Embraces Her Body With The Utmost Love And Confidence
The word "fat" has become such an incredibly negative word. It's used as a derogatory...
Old Air Hockey Table Transforms Into An Incredible Kids Play Set
We all have those unused toys sitting around that we thought would be a huge...
Popular Cheerleader Asks Special-Needs Friend To Be Her Prom Date
Kenzi Miller had it all planned out. The popular cheerleader at Keller's Central High School...
Rabbi Runs A Karate Program For Children Fighting Cancer
Getting the news that a child has cancer of any kind is absolutely life-shattering for...
Truckers Rally Together To Stop Human Trafficking On The Road
It happened so often that truckers had a special nickname for them, that was until...
Woman's Family Surprises Her With A Restored 1970 Monte Carlo After A Difficult Year
Lisa Lamont was at someone else's birthday party — at least, that's what her friends and...
Wildlife Aid Rescues A Fox Cub With A Tin Can Stuck Over His Head
The Wildlife Aid Foundation has done some pretty amazing work and has pulled off incredible...
'First Date' Shows The Bittersweet Bond Between Daughter And Dad With Alzheimer's
The scene is set beautifully. A woman and man have dinner at a restaurant. The...
Abbott And Costello Perform Their Signature 'Baseball' Sketch In 1953
If you're looking for a laugh, there's no better place to start your search than...
People Walk Past Loved Ones Disguised As Homeless On The Street
It seems as though society have become either blind to the epidemic of homelessness, or...
This Interactive Tabletop Can Form Over 200 Gorgeous Mathematical Patterns
Going to the store and shelling out dough for your home décor is fine and...
Security Cameras Show Creep Decided To Mess With The Wrong Girl
Don't judge a book by its cover. Too often women are underestimated as being weak...
Identical Twin With Rare Syndrome Looks Different Than His Brother
19 years ago, Ramona was pregnant with twin boys. Before she gave birth, doctors noticed...
Deputy Pays It Forward After A Mom In Need Pays For His Breakfast
For all the hard work they do, the tough decisions they make, and the danger...
Holes Left In Archival Photos Of The Depression Hint At Greater Mystery
These days, there are fewer and fewer people left who remember the Great Depression firsthand,...
Two Amazing Kids Show Off Their Incredible Ballet Dancing Talents
Every single person on Earth has a special talent that they're destined to share with...
A Pair Of Horses And A Husky Dog Form Beautiful Bond Of Friendship
I always find it so incredible when unlikely friendships form. We’ve seen plenty of cases...
Little Girl Is Overjoyed When Her Dog Comes Home After Being Missing For Two Years
It might be hard to believe for some people out there, but from time to...
Rare Footage Shows Helen Keller Speaking With Anne Sullivan In 1928
Many of us learn about Helen Keller early in school and marvel about the journey...
Husband Uses 1,000 Wedding Photos To Get Wife's Memory Back
The day Tunicia married her husband Raleigh was one of the best days of her...
Father And Daughter Share Adorably Hilarious Dance On Her Wedding Day
Just about everyone loves wedding traditions. From the beautiful wedding dresses to the cutting of...
Ancient Mosaic Is Unearthed And Relays Amazing Advice
Archaeology is a pretty amazing field. Sure, you have to sift through sand and dirt...
Claire Danes Wears Magnificent Light-Up Dress To Met Gala 2016
Claire Danes may known as a talented actress, but now she's got another title to...
A Baby Stallion Is Rescued After His Mother Was Forced To Abandon Him
The hierarchy within a band of horses dictates how each and every one of those...
Special-Needs Siblings From Around The World Share Their Adoption Stories
Families are like snowflakes: one can never be exactly the same as another, which is exactly...
Baking Guru Creates A Colorful Pyramid Gummy Cake
Whether you're tired of making the same old birthday cake every year or you simply...
Powerful Bee Pushes And Pulls A Nail Out Of A Brick Wall
When one homeowner noticed a nail flopping around on the side of his house, he...
Rescue Dog Didn't Have A Friend In The World, But Now He's Found A Soul Mate!
We humans sure like to think that we understand just about everything on this planet. But...
Park Worker Uses Skills Learned In CSI To Solve Murder
Carmen Moreno sweeps up leaves and picks up trash at the park. She's been doing...
A Cat Takes In Orphaned Squirrels As If They Were Part Of Her Own Litter
When Belka the cat gave birth to her own litter of little kitties, she did...
A Wild Boar Gives A Piggyback Ride To A White Cat
You always think that interspecies friendships are reserved for cartoons. I think of Timon and...
Guilty Dog Begs For Forgiveness After His Mom Catches Him In The Act
Being a puppy might seem fun, but you have to understand just how difficult it...
Student Asks His Girlfriend To The Prom With A Sweet Rendition of 'My Girl'
The arrival of the month of May means the beginning of beautiful weather, flowers blooming,...
Baby Elephant Enjoys Playtime And Snuggles With His Caretaker
I'm not someone who likes to make a bucket list per se. I honestly find...
Little Girl Shows Off Her Adorable Veterinarian Abilities By Healing Her Patient Dog
The bond that dogs share with humans is one of the strongest friendships in the...
Museum Opens Up Forgotten 100-Year-Old Time Capsule From 1914
The New York Historical Society excitedly unboxed a 100-year-old time capsule from 1914. The bronze...
Single Dads Take Time To Bond With Their Daughters By Learning To Braid Hair
Every little girl should learn at an early age that she deserves to be treated...
Doctors Successfully Treat Brain Tumor With Polio Virus
Stephanie Lipscomb was a 20-year-old nursing student when she began to get headaches. After a...
This Concrete Fire Table Will Have You Roasting Marshmallows In Your Living Room!
There is no feeling like going camping or being in the great outdoors. The first...
College Student Trims Off Two Feet Of Hair To Donate To Charity
Growing up, my dad would always make a huge deal about keeping my hair long and...
Hilarious Flight Attendant Puts Everyone At Ease Right Before Takeoff
There are quite a lot of people who have a horrible fear of flying in...
Ringling Brothers Finally Ends Its Use Of Elephants In Circus
It's easy to take these kinds of things for granted. But sometimes we have to...
Orphaned Cheetah Cub Finds A New Home At The Cincinnati Zoo
Cheetahs are such majestic animals. They can run 70 miles per hour (that’s as fast...
Bikers Support Abused Children During Courtroom Cases
Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment...
Mom Surprises Compassionate Day Care Worker With Brand-New Car!
Brittney Nichols leaves her 2-year-old daughter at Benton Preschool and Childcare. The 2-year-old needs some...
Overdue Library Book Is Finally Returned 68 Years Later
In December 1948, a young girl walked into the Epsom Community Library in Auckland, New Zealand. She wanted...
Ellen And Steve Harvey Secretly Team Up On-Air, Hilarity Ensues
This kept me giggling minutes after it was over. And of course, Ellen DeGeneres and...
Mom Brings Attention To Addiction With A Heartfelt Eulogy For Her Late Daughter
When her daughter was struggling with heroin addiction, Kathleen Errico dealt with it in secrecy. But after the...
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