This Pup Is So Confused By The Kitten That Wants A Piggyback Ride
There are tons of things that you do as a kid that aren't really acceptable...
31 seconds ago
Frustrated Mom Posts Body-Positive Message On Facebook
Mel recently had a baby, so she was excited to finally book a session with a personal trainer....
3 minutes ago
9-Year-Old Takes The Wheel When Mom Has Seizure In Car
Brenda Welch and her 9-year-old son Ethan were driving home from school. Mom had just...
24 minutes ago
This 3-Year-Old Boy May Be The World's Youngest Barista
Meet Adler Webb. He lives with his parents in Colorado, and is just your average...
29 minutes ago
Two Pups Get Into An Argument, But A Lovable Level-Headed Pooch Saves The Day
There's always that one responsible member of the family who has to settle all the squabbles....
36 minutes ago
These Future Grandparents Got One Big Surprise After Another... It's Going To Be TWINS!
Becoming a grandparent is never a small deal. In fact, it's always a huge deal. It's like...
40 minutes ago
This 1976 Fleetwood Mac Performance Is Still Spine-Tingling After 40 Years
I still remember the very first time I heard Stevie Nicks sing. Even though it...
46 minutes ago
This Tiny Dog Had A Hard Life On The Streets Until These Rescuers Brought Him To Safety
Oftentimes, neglected, abandoned, and homeless dogs take to their wild nature when living in the...
50 minutes ago
Two Friendly Bald Eagles Play With A Cute Little Cat
The American bald eagle is one of the most majestic and beautiful creatures on the...
1 hour ago
Quadruplet Pregnancy Leads Mom To Scary Diagnosis
Ashley and Andy struggled to have kids for years, so they put their faith into...
1 hour ago
Puppy Stolen From Adoption Event Is Returned To Relieved Woman Hours Later
Danielle Lee was in a frenzy when she discovered that one her adorable puppies, a...
1 hour ago
Nervous Soldier Proposes To Other Soldier At The Airport
Jason Walter is a Lieutenant in the Colorado Army National Guard, assigned to the 220th...
2 hours ago
Rescuing A Dog Who Was Starved To The Brink of Death
This is an incredible, gut-wrenching story via Rescue From The Hart, but rest assured: by...
2 hours ago
Mom Films Funny Dog Snitching On Sibling
It's no wonder why this video is quickly going viral with a half-a-million views in...
3 hours ago
13-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom From Being Stabbed By Burglar
A 13-year-old girl took a huge risk when she chose to run for help to...
Today 3:00 am
Kenny Rogers Teams Up With A Capella Band 'Home Free' This Christmas
If you ask me, Kenny Rogers is one of those classic performers who will just...
Today 2:55 am
Listen To Celtic Woman's Breathtaking Version Of Irish Classic 'Danny Boy'
For just about everyone, there are a few songs that can take you back to...
Today 2:48 am
Therapy Pig Helps College Students Get Through Stressful Exams
It's easy to remember the stress that comes along with final exams in college even...
Today 2:39 am
Hilarious Magpie Does Eerily Accurate Impression Of A Child's Laughter
There are a lot of hilarious animals out there, getting up to crazy antics every...
Today 2:24 am
Coast Guard Saves A Pooch Stranded On The Ice
Members of the U.S. Coast Guard immediately stopped their ship when they spotted a dog...
Today 2:15 am
Sheriff Posts Photo Of Patrol Officer’s Daughter To Send Important Message To Drunk Drivers
The Fremont County Sheriff's Office released a touching photo of Colorado State Trooper Jamie Jursevics'...
Viral Superstar Little Girl Dances With The Rockettes
Audrey Nethery is one of those amazing people who has been put on this planet...
Today's Biggest Drummers Reminisce About Ringo Starr's Groundbreaking Work
The Beatles are, obviously, one of the most cherished and revered rock bands of all...
Clowns Without Borders Brings The First Smiles To Refugees' Faces In Ages
It's a trying time for families in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They are...
Adorable Kitten Just Can't Keep His Eyes Open A Moment Longer
You know, we don’t always give kittens the credit they deserve for their tough and...
Farm Gives Animals A Second Chance By Fitting Them With Prosthetics
Felix the sheep lost one of his legs after a predator attacked him as a...
RESOUND's Christmas Medley Will Blow You Away With Stunning Harmonies
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without some classic holiday songs. There's just something about those...
Doug The Pug Had Big Plans For His Time At Home For The Holidays...
The buildup to Thanksgiving is coming up to the very peak of anticipation. Everyone is...
Woman Writes To An Advice Column And Receives A Very Surprising Response
I am definitely self-aware enough to realize that I don't know everything. As a result,...
Cow Facing Slaughterhouse Is Rescued
Emma the cow's journey has been a long and tumultuous one, but finally the animal...
These Backyard 'Granny Pods' Could Be The Solution To Nursing Homes
No matter the differences in our personal lives, one thing remains true and universal: we...
This Special-Needs Cheer Squad Is Bound For The All-Star Championship Thanks To This Nonprofit
One special-needs cheer squad from Griffin, GA, has a big dream to make it to...
Watch This Soldier Surprise His Nurse Mom In The E.R.
A soldier in a neck brace rolls into the emergency room on a gurney. The...
Military Parents' Difficult Decision Has Happy Ending For Their Son
Katie and Greg Butler had to make a heart-wrenching decision to deploy for a year...
This Giant Knitting Technique Is Perfect For You And Your Pets
Knitting and crocheting are time-honored arts, loved by people around the world, most of whom...
Man Pulls Off Holiday Proposal While He And His Girlfriend Pose As Storefront Mannequins
One of Abby Nuccio's favorite holiday traditions is posing in a wedding dress in a...
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