Your Cat May Actually Be A Dog For These 8 Reasons


Here’s the deal: Cats and dogs are about as behaviorally polarized as their age-old stereotypes will have you believe. Sure, every once in a while a wild card will pop up to disprove our preconceived notions of pet behavior, but those aren’t for nothing.

For example (as if you needed actual proof), the favorite pastime of our cat overlords is knocking things off of high surfaces because they’re jerks. Dogs, by contrast, have earned themselves the moniker “man’s best friend.” However peek at the video below and it may have you second-guessing your respective feline/canine loyalties. It appears these kitties have no idea they’re cats at all.

How many cats do you know why actually enjoy being walked on a leash (I’m sure there’s a few of you, but we speak of course to the greater majority of you cat people). How about cats who play fetch?  (No, this is not a drill.) When you see YouTube user Sho Ko’s cat do a handful of dog tricks, you may be wondering if you’re being pranked — we felt the same way while watching this insanity.

And we want to know what your dog-cat, cat-dog anomalies do that leave you scratching your head.

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