Internet’s Top 10 Rescue Dogs


1. Canines of any breed can work as service dogs, but Golden Retrievers are naturals at the job.

This is largely due to their gentle nature, high intelligence, and strong affection for their owners. Also, as their name suggests, they’re great at retrieving things–they just love any opportunity to use their mouths!


2. Service dogs aren’t required to wear a vest, but this article often helps them know when they’re on the job.

Many dogs are trained as puppies to know that when the vest goes on, work has begun!


3. Service dogs are just like regular dogs in that they love to fetch, swim, romp around, and have puppy playdates.

They just can’t do these things while they’re on the clock!

They’re typically taught to react to these scents in a calm manner by sitting next to the area in question.


5. Patrol dogs are trained to help search for all kinds of objects, as well as missing persons.

They can also be trained to subdue criminals!


6. Dogs have served alongside Americans in every single conflict since the nation’s birth.

Even the Navy SEALS had a canine companion with them during the raid on Osama bin Laden.

But due to their past training and learned habits, they can require a lot of special care!


8. There are roughly 2,500 war dogs in service today.

At any given time, there are around 700 of them serving overseas.


9. Duke, a famous Vietnam War dog, once alerted his battalion to what would have been a deadly ambush by the Viet Cong.

With this single action, Duke saved the lives of more than 100 Americans!


10. It’s estimated that war dogs have saved the lives of around 10,000 Americans in the time that they’ve been serving. 

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