I’m Trying This As Soon As I Get My Hands On An Apple! Wow!!!


If you’re someone who is always looking for a new and creative way to impress your friends – or if you just want to get your kids to eat healthier – this easy-as-pie ‘apple swan’ is a trick you need in your back pocket.

Grant Thompson, AKA “The King Of Random” posted this awesome tutorial to his YouTube page and it’s been watched over 2 million times, so you know it’s good.  In just a few simple and easy steps, Thompson shows us how to create a beautiful swan using only an apple and a knife.

When I first came across this video, I thought it looked so complex to make. I was shocked to see how easy it was to make something so unique. In my opinion, this creation is WAY sweeter than a normal origami swan. I don’t even know if I could eat this beauty… it’s too spectacular!

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