IKEA Just Did Something Incredible For Homeless Pets. I’m Speechless.


I saw a report on CNN today about this, and so I turned to the internet to find out if it was true, and turned out that it is. It turns out that IKEA has recently partnered with the Animal Lovers League Shelter, and the Save Our Street Dogs Shelter to help street dogs find a new home, in a very novel way.

So what have they done? IKEA has taken photographs of dogs that are available for adoption and has placed them in its stores, as if the pictures were part of its furniture. When shoppers come to buy they can scan the QR codes of the dogs in order to know their stories and help them to be adopted. So far, all of the animals whose photos were put up in the stores were adopted!

This is a truly INCREDIBLE idea, and I hope more retailers do something like this. Together, we can help find a home for amazing animals that are stuck in a shelter, waiting for their furrever home!

Watch the video about this below, and please SHARE this so everyone knows! Maybe this will become a way to get animals rescued, I sure hope it does!

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