If You’re The Lucky Owner Of A Toy Breed Dog, THIS Is What Your Pet Should Be Eating!!!


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Once only owned by royalty, tiny toy breeds are the ultimate companion dogs. Unlike working or sporting dogs, toy breeds have been bred for centuries for sheer enjoyment and delight. However, owning one of the 21 recognized toy breeds, seen below, comes with a special responsibility…


If small breed dogs need extra care and attention like a child, consider toy breeds to be like infants… needing constant care and attention, and always have to be in mommy or daddy’s arms. Toy breeds are tiny – usually under 12 lbs – and their small bodies have different nutritional requirements than large breed and even small breed dogs. Like cats, toy breeds can be finicky with their eating habits, so it’s important to keep watch and feed them right. Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health Dry Recipes are a great choice for Toy Breeds of all different ages, life stages and lifestyles. Due to their higher energy needs, different metabolic rate, bite size, and daily caloric intake, Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health dog food features a smaller kibble size for tiny mouths and the right balance of protein, fat and calories to provide the energy your toy breed needs.

Learn more about the unique needs of tiny toy breeds in the video below and please SHARE with all of your pup parent friends!!!

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