She Failed As A Service Dog—But Won The Hearts Of Millions Of People


We’ve all been there. Put in a box, or had someone try to make us into someone we’re not. Ricochet was no different.

Although she was bred and trained to be a service dog, her natural instincts got in the way. You see, Ricochet wasn’t cut out for the traditional service dog life. She was rambunctious, tirelessly adventurous and free-spirited at heart. But lucky for Ricochet (and millions of people around the world) her humans accepted her for her true self, and she was encouraged to carve out her own path.

Flash forward, and today Ricochet is a world famous surf dog who surfs with celebrities, pros, children with special needs and wounded warriors. This video alone has been seen by over four million people, all of whom have been touched and inspired by this amazing canine. That’s right — Ricochet discovered her own unique talent, and she still helps and brings joy to people around the world.

Thank you Ricochet, for being you!!

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