I Had No Idea They Did This!! Ultra Slow-Motion Shows Something Truly Fascinating About Dogs


Wow, A dog drinking seems like the simplest thing in the world — and then someone decided to record it and put it in ultra slow-mo. What’s so amazing is that, even though I’ve had dogs my entire life, I never knew they actually did this! Nature really does think of everything, doesn’t it?

If you watch this video closely, you’ll see something about your pet that you probably never noticed. It’s not something about what they think or what they do when you’re not home — it’s a tiny detail that is really amazing when you actually see it happen. For some reason, this little detail makes me love my dog even more!

The footage of this beautiful Alsatian drinking is from a documentary called The Secret Life of Dogs. It’s now definitely on my watch list! The more I know about my pet, the happier we’ll both be!

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