This ‘Psychic’ Knows WAY Too Much About Her. The Truth? TERRIFYING…


Here’s a brilliant little life lesson for you. If you don’t want random people to know personal information about you and your loved ones, don’t post so much about your private life online!

These people are beyond freaked out when a “psychic” approaches them on the street, knowing a ton of random facts about them.  Apparently, all he needed to play cyber stalker was an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account!

YouTube prankster, Jack Vale, scared random people by “guessing” the names and ages of family members, their home addresses, even if they were good or bad at parking!

I didn’t find this prank to be very funny, because it made me think about all the information that I have shared over the years. However, it is a really clever idea to scare people into revealing less information about themselves.

Keep private things private, or else you’re more vulnerable than you think you are!

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