I Cried Listening To This Song. NO ONE Expected A Surprise Like This!


A Christian musician was filming a music video for his song “God of Second Chances” in an Atlanta park when the most miraculous thing happened and an angel stepped in.

Carlos Whittaker got the surprise of his life when he was recording this song in the park that day. A homeless man came out of nowhere and started singing along with him in perfect union. There’s no doubt that Danny, the homeless man’s cameo was a true gift from above that day. Carlos says that whether Danny was an angel or just a person who felt moved to sing that day, the whole experience changed both is views on the homeless and his entire outlook on life. Since this day in the park, Danny has not been identified or seen. Wherever he is, hopefully he is inspiring and surprising others to live full and kind lives. The song says it best – God does give second chances to those who truly deserve it! Please SHARE if this moving video touched your heart.

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