I Am NEVER Signing A Waver Without Reading It! This Would Scare Me To Death!!!


For his birthday, Josh, who is deathly afraid of heights,  asked his friends to come up with a BIG surprise for him, something that would really shock him…

Here’s a life lesson for you.  Don’t sign a waver for something your friends have secretly planned for you… and if you ask for a big surprise for your special day, you better be ready to handle it!  This is the type of prank that would ruin friendships. Josh’s friends took him skydiving while he was passed out drunk! So not only did he wake up to the shock of his life, descending hundreds of feet in the air, he was also ridiculously hungover. Ouch! I guess this will teach you to not drink so much and also watch what you say… and maybe even evaluate who your friends are! This is nuts. Please SHARE if this would scare the life out of you!!!

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