Daddy Mimics His Baby Girl’s “Workout” In Hilarious Video


Let’s give it up for dads — the world’s greatest comedians in the eyes of their children. If the below video doesn’t prove that dad humor is the best kind of comedy, I don’t know what will.

Look to a recent viral video of a dad’s Cops stunt as one such example of daddy silliness. After his little one crashes her mini coupe in a snowbank, dad grabs his phone and pretends to “pull her over,” even inquiring about the pink sippy cup in her little hand. “M’am, what is in the bottle,” he asks his stone-face toddler. “What is in the cup?”

And then there’s the daddy who made us laugh with his interrogation of his little boy, asking him every bad word he knows. (Spoiler alert: “butt-teeth” is a serious contender.)

But much like the aforementioned videos, the one below is funniest to us adults who’re in on the joke. Laying next to his baby girl, YouTube user Michael Stansbury does “The Lilly Ann Workout,” wherein he mimics the arbitrary movements of his infant daughter and acting as if he’s enrolled in some core-intensive crunch regimen. What this proves, ladies and gentlemen, is that there’s nothing like a daddy to put a smile on his little one’s face.

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