Welcome to Our Tail-Wagging New Blog!


The PetFlow blog is the ‘Cats’ Nip” of the blogosphere: where every post is as a good as a scratch behind the ear. Just as convenient as pet food delivered to your door, our blog delivers you all you need to know in pet health, products, and perspective. And we may just throw in a cute photo of your adorable animal friends every once in a while, as well.

Just like PetFlow.com, we know your pets are going to love the blog just as much as you.
In order to help our four-legged friend patrons lap up these posts, we put together a simple how-to. Simply read the instructions below in your best bark or purr, and your pets will understand.

They always do, don’t they?

Paw-by-Paw Instructions

1. Locate ‘the computer’

Computers do look very similar to a wide range of other glowing boxes that your human stares at. So, perk those ears up, and listen for clues. If your human cackles with his/her friends about a glowing box, and points to a ‘YouTube’ with a title named a ‘Monkey Riding on a Pig.’  BINGO! (No, not the farmer’s dog.) That is a computer.

2. Distract
The next time you and your human are looking at all of the mouth-watering pet foods on PetFlow.com. Whimper. Whine. This will confuse your human and cause them to look for your nearest toy to pacify you. If whimpering doesn’t send your human away, knock over the nearest container – glass of water, vase, you name it.

3. Click.
You are so close! Almost there! Your human is distracted and you have Petflow all to yourself. Nudge the circle next to the computer (that humans so ignorantly call a ‘mouse’), and use all your paw mobility to click ‘blog.’ You won’t be sorry.

4. Reward.
Congratulations! You did it! Now, since your human got distracted so easily, reward your human’s ‘good behavior’ so it comes naturally next time, and the time after that, and the time after that. Humans love rewards. Purr, lick, or wag your tail until you see your human’s teeth. As we all know, humans have a strange way of showing they’re happy.

5. Enjoy.
After getting this far, you won’t have to work so hard next time. Bask in your success by snuggling up with your human and enjoying PetFlow’s blog.

Do you want to share your puppy perspective? Facing a cat conundrum?  We are always looking for topic suggestions and guest bloggers! Email any questions or comments to Blog [at] PetFlow [dot] com

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