Meet ‘Amazing Grace,’ A Two-Legged Kitten That Proves Miracles Are Possible!


Gracie is just like every other kitten – she’s playful, sweet, she likes to cuddle and she’s absolutely adorable. However, Gracie is a very special kitten, because she was born with only two legs.

She’s known as Amazing Grace, because even though this kitten was born different, she has never let it set her back in life. Being a little different is exactly why Gracie is inspiring so many people to take a chance on animals who need a little extra care. She may lack her two back legs, but she has so much love and energy to give to others, that you don’t even remember she is a special needs kitten.

Check out sweet Gracie’s story, which touched so many hearts that she made it on her local news station… and prepare to have your heart melted by this little cutie, who proves that being different is never a bad thing.

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