A Stranger Approached And Asked Her To Get In His Car. I Can’t Believe What Happened Next!


Some guys just don’t know how to talk to women anymore! They’re all for show and it drives me nuts, just like the goofball in this video.

In an elaborate prank to shame an innocent waitress, this young man stops the woman on a street corner and asks for directions. The two seem to hit it off for a brief second, as he her he just moved to town from Antarctica and would love to hang out, as he has no friends yet. The woman seemingly admires what she thinks is the stranger’s orange Lamborghini and agrees to go for a cruise. What happens next completely had me in stitches.

A cane-wielding old lady comes out of nowhere yelling at the man to step away from her hot rod as he steps over to his black sedan parked behind the Lambo. The prankster is apparently calling the waitress a gold digger for not wanting to ride in his underwhelming car, but it might just be because he flat out lied about having a $50,000+ car… or she realized she was in a pranking video.

Either way, this video gave me a good laugh. I would personally never get in the car with a stranger, and it looks like this girl wouldn’t either — unless, of course, that stranger drives an extremely expensive car!

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