Their Dog Has A Morning Ritual That Made Me Laugh Out Loud! You Have To See This!


This is probably one of the laziest dogs I’ve ever seen, but he certainly seems to be enjoying his new way of getting down the stairs! Maybe he’s discovered how to give himself his very own doggie-massage. Or maybe he just really didn’t feel like using his legs that day. Either way, I pretty much laughed through this entire video!

Chaos is a 16-month-old boxer and, like most puppies, he isn’t a natural at going down the stairs. But instead of being intimidated by them, he’s just decided to go down his own way, much to his owners’ delight! I remember when I was a kid, I used to love going down the stairs just like this — there must be something about sliding all the way down to your destination that both kids and dogs enjoy!

What do you think of Chaos’ original way of getting down to breakfast every morning? Have you ever seen your own dog do something like this?

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