Dog Rescued From A Puppy Mill Nightmare Finally Enjoy His First Snuggle EVER! AMAZING!


Noisette is one of 132 dogs and four exotic birds who was rescued from a criminal breeding facility in early July, 2014. The small French Bulldog is thought to be somewhere in between 1 and 3 years old. Anne Wuhrer, who has since taken in the dog, says it’s taking a while, but Noisette is “gradually adjusting” to life outside of the filthy cage she knew as home. When the dog was rescued, she was dehydrated with bad eyes and teeth. She was suffering from malnutrition, anemia, and was covered in dirt, fleas and feces. She was also terrified and unsocialized.

Up until last week, tiny Noisette had never even been inside a home, but she’s slowly learning to trust. Only a couple of short weeks after her rescue, Noisette was brave enough to accept her first snuggle from Wuhrer’s husband, Chris, who lay as still as he could for 20 minutes when the dog was finally ready! I’m so happy that this beautiful animal finally knows what love is and no longer has to be afraid!

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