Disaster In Washington – Please HELP!!! An Important Message From PetFlow.com



Hello from PetFlow,

If you’ve been following the news, there have been terrible mudslides in Washington.  14 people are dead and 178 are missing.  Many families have lost their homes and are currently displaced.  Aid is streaming into the area, however, pets are usually those that are the last to be cared for. PetFlow.com has been working closely with the Everett Animal Shelter, which has been very involved in reuniting animals lost in the mudslide with families.  Any animals that are brought to the shelter will be provided food and medical treatment, however, there are not enough supplies to help them all.  We will be sending a large order of supplies to Everett Animal Shelter and if you have the ability, we would ask that you make a small donation of food as well.  Donations of any size will help!  This food will be used to provide help to affected families and go directly to benefit the animals that are affected.

Check out this video from our Blog:


Below, you will see a list of products that the shelter is requesting and their address.  Simply place an order at PetFlow to be sent to the following address.

Note:  We will waive ALL shipping charges on any orders sent to Everett Animal Shelter, just use code SHIPIT at checkout.  We will prioritize the orders to be sent out immediately.  Thank you for your support, it is sincerely appreciated.


Please put the following information into the SHIP TO address:

First Name: Everett Animal
Last Name: Shelter
Address: 333 Smith Island Road
City: Everett
State: WA
ZIP: 98201
Phone Number: 425-257-6000

Items to Order: (Note, please choose any items on our site, use the following only as a suggestion)

For Dogs:
1) Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Fish – 28lb
2) Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken & Brown Rice – 30lb
3) Fromm Adult Dry Dog Food – 33lb
4) Natural Balance Ultra Dog Food – 30lb

For Cats:
1) Wellness Chicken Formula Canned Cat Food – 12.5oz Case of 12
2) Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Chicken & Brown Rice – 15lb
3) Natural Balance LID Duck & Green Pea Canned Food – 6oz case of 24
4) Natural Balance Ultra Cat Food – 15lb

Treats For Dogs:

1) Free Range Buffalo Ears For Dogs
2) Etta Says Crunchy Rabbit Chews (20Pack)
3) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Turkey Treats

Treats For Cats:
1) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Treats
2) Greenies Dental Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor

Any litter will be accepted.  Click Here to see litter.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We will be sharing photos of the shipments sent to Everett Animal Shelter on our Facebook Page!


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