Dad’s Letter To His Children Can Teach US How To Live. His Love Brought Me To Tears.


Nothing makes a parent happier than to see their young ones flourish in life. In this heartwarming video, filmmaker Corbyn Tyson explores what being a good father means to him. This video is part of a series called “The Fatherhood Project”, which highlights what it’s like to be a good father in today’s world.

In this video, Tyson shares a letter he wrote to his three children about what he believes it means to be happy, to find true love and to live a positive life. “When it comes to fatherhood, you can’t teach your kids everything,” says Tyson, “This is the secret stuff that we as dad’s want our kids to know through experience and living life.”

This father’s message to his young ones brought tears to my eyes, as you can tell how much he loves his family and the advice he gives can resonate for people of any age.

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