THIS Is How My Son Wakes Up From His Naps! If Only We Could All Be This Happy!


At only about 20 months old, a little boy named Christian has already figured out the secret to waking up happy every day! All he needs is a good beat, and he slowly opens his eyes, picks up his tiny wrists and starts rocking out… the day is already won!

Christian’s father, Walter Piper, says that he has always loved music, but discovered his love for boogieing when he was about 1 year old. When Christian’s parents discovered he had food allergies, they played pop songs to calm him down and keep him smiling during mealtime. The rest is history!

Check out this adorable video of Christian waking up to Pharrell’s “Happy”. I guarantee this will put a big smile on your face. Please show some love… don’t forget to SHARE!!!

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