Child Challenges A Professional Dancer In A Competition And HUMILIATES Him! AMAZING!


This video made headlines several weeks ago, but its just as fun to watch now. I’m not a huge fan of break dancing, however, when I see a kid that has this kind of talent, I really enjoy the video. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s much better to see a kid being active and dancing than sitting at home and playing video games, that’s for sure!

During this break dancing competition, a small boy decided to challenge one of the older dancers, who is a professional. The ensuing “battle” is pretty astonishing, as the little boy shows off his skills and wows everyone in the audience, including me!

What’s your opinion, did the kid win? Please SOUND OFF in comments below, and please SHARE this with friends and family! KIDS.. STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Get out and DANCE!

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