You Will Be Inspired To Overcome ANYTHING After Seeing This Disabled Athlete. I’m In Awe!


While the rest of us await challenges in life, Ben Jackson was born with a very difficult one. Ben suffers from cerebral palsy, a physical disability that often causes impaired movement and other muscle problems. Adversity is what makes our world amazing, but for Ben, adversity makes HIM. From a young age, he knew he didn’t want to go through life feeling sorry for himself, so the pushed himself to incredible lengths.

In this inspirational short film from Gatorade, Ben’s amazing story is profiled, showing not only how great of a person he is, but how challenges we face in every day life are easy to overcome. Ben is an athlete each and every person can look up to. Whatever he does, he does with passion and he knows that life is a journey and he is never, ever finished.

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