He Walked In And Found His Cat Sleeping Like THIS! How Is That Comfortable?! OMG!


Sleep is everything. A bad night of sleep can completely ruin your day, often making you sick, cranky and sore. If you’ve ever experienced a night of unexplainable insomnia, you know well how terrible it can be… and it’s even worse with someone else in your bed!

Isn’t it the worst when you just can’t get comfortable?! This cat knows all about the importance of a comfy spot to rest his head, but because he is a cat, he’ll sleep just about anywhere… even on a big clunky watermelon. This video puts a new spin on the cat nap. If cats can put their head on anything, you know they’re going to try to nap there!

While his cat wife (or so I want to believe), sleeps comfortably next to him, Mr. Cat just can’t get it done on the watermelon. I’m not sure why this video was created or what it means, but I can’t complain… this is so ridiculous that it actually works!

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