My Cat Does This To The Mailman Every Single Day. I CAN’T Help But Laugh!!


Being a mailman is no easy job and one of the biggest difficulties in this career is dealing with other people’s pesky pets! While it’s not unusual to come across a persistent guard dog or a whiny pup in this line of duty, no one wants to battle a sharp-clawed cat. For this mailman, unfortunately encountering a feisty feline is an every day battle.

Every single day, the ferocious feline at 210 waits patiently for the mailman to come, in hopes that he can protect his castle again junk mail. It’s a fight to the finish and NOT one I would want to be a part of! Check out how this guard kitty tries to snatch the letters and possibly dig his claws into the hardworking public servant. I can’t help but laugh, this is too hysterical!!!

What would you do if you were this mailman? As scary as this cat may be, you have to admit that he helps keep things interesting. Please SHARE if you enjoy our funny videos!

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