Baby Elephant Stayed By Her Mother’s Side Until Death. What Happened To Her Gave Me Hope.


Baby elephant Zongoloni was found grieving her dead mother, who survived two long weeks after being viciously shot at by poachers and left to suffer. The 18-month-old African elephant baby, who was dependent on her mother’s milk, was found guarding the mother’s massive body, hungry and all by herself in Kenya.

Since she was found, Zongoloni was brought to an elephant orphanage, where she will learn survival skills at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s “elephant school” in Umani, Kenya. Over time, the baby is expected to become less dependent on her human keepers. The orphaned elephants who come into the Trust are usually very traumatized at first, but over time they start to play and trust others. The gates at the elephant sanctuary are always open, leaving the elephants to free themselves back into the wild once they feel ready and confident to return. I’m so happy that this young baby is finally safe!

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