AMAZING! This Dog Was Dying In The Road Until A Brave Couple Stepped In.


WARNING: The images below are upsetting, but I promise this story has a very happy ending. :)

In Indonesia, the homeless dog population is a serious problem. Everywhere you go there are diseased, dying dogs… most people don’t want to go near them and it’s easy to understand why.  This wasn’t the case for one kind and loving couple living in Bali.  Shayna and Brandon are volunteers at their local animal shelter, so when they saw a strange bump in the road, their instincts took over. Laying helpless in the dirty road was a very sick, dirty, nearly bald dog.  


 A kind passerby helped the couple pick up the dog, who appeared to be near death.


The couple rode the dog on a bike for 45 minutes to bring to the BARC shelter.


Shayna and Brandon were completely dedicated to saving this gentle animal’s life.


They visited the dog almost every day to ensure that she was properly cared for and would survive.


After a while, they grew close to the dog, now known as Ruby.


Although they had 4 other rescue dogs and 1 cat at home, Shayna and Brandon couldn’t let Ruby live at the shelter…


They brought her home and now Ruby is surrounded by family and all the love she could ask for.


Life is good for Ruby now. Just look at her amazing transformation!!!


Before and after… it’s been a miraculous journey for little Ruby.

Watch more of Ruby’s transformation from death bed to dearly loved family member in the video below. Please SHARE this dog’s story with your Facebook friends if you believe all dogs deserve a chance at happiness.

Source: Shayna Pitch/BARC

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