A Tribute to Best Friends


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Let’s face it: we don’t always get along with our best friends.


There are those times when it seems like they’re only looking out for themselves.

And sometimes, they get their laughs at our expense.


They don’t always appreciate the things we do for them.

They can really hurt our feelings when they’re short with us.


And they have trouble understanding that sometimes we just need some space.

Occasionally, they take advantage of our trusting nature.


And they seem to know just how to get under our skin.

BUT at the end of the day we still love them, because they accept us for who we are.


And we can trust them to tell us the truth when no one else will–especially when it comes to our fashion choices.

They give us tough love when we need it most, like those times when we want to give up on our diets.



They’re even there to help lead the way when we can’t see things clearly.

And they always stick patiently by our sides–even if they think what we’re doing seems silly.


That’s why, deep down, we know we’re lucky to have them. Because the truth is, no one understands us better than our best friends do.

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