Dog Helps Cat Give Birth! How Beautiful Is This Moment? WOW!


When an animal gives birth, it can be a very stressful process. They are completely helpless, and have to rely on their instincts. That’s why I’m completely amazed at what this dog did when she noticed a mother cat was in the process of having kittens!

Standing watch over the cat, this dog made sure she was okay during the entire ordeal, and licked each one of her newborn kittens to make sure they were breathing. This awesome Lab cleans and loves the newborn kittens and cleans and loves the mother cat in such a gentle way. Animals routinely lick and nuzzle their newborns to get their bodies warm and moving, and this dog wanted to make sure every kitten was healthy and meowing like they should!

This is such an amazing video to experience! Two completely different animals with the same exact goal: to make sure all the babies are healthy! This just proves that dogs are natural caretakers, and have amazing hearts.

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