13 of the Internet’s Least Graceful Cats


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They slink, they stalk, they spy, and they almost always land on their feet. But from time to time, all cats are guilty of grossly overestimating their own abilities. Here are 13 felines who just aren’t as suave as they thought they were:

1. This cat, who thought your expensive Venetian blinds were actually a kitty ladder.

2. This cat, who was convinced there was a goldfish in there, somewhere.


3. This cat, who has resigned to spend his life in this box.

4. This cat, who doesn’t think you can see him right now.

5. These cats, who are terrified of a bag of catnip.

6. These cats, who didn’t realize the floors were just waxed.

7. This cat, who thought he was going to run away from home.

8. This cat, who refuses to accept that this box is too small for him.

9. This cat, who watches you when you’re sleeping.

10. These cats, who think they’ve finally got that laser beam surrounded.

11. This cat, who totally botched his prison break attempt.

12. This cat, who knows he saw you put a fish in there a minute ago.

13. And lastly, this cat, who was no longer able to hide his resentment towards the baby (poor baby!).

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